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18650 Cell Voltage Internal Resistance Test Battery Cell Sorting Machine

18650 Cell Voltage Internal Resistance Test Battery Cell Sorting Machine

  • High Light

    18650 Battery Cell Sorting Machine


    PLC Battery Cell Sorting Machine

  • Product Name
    10 Gear Sorting Machine
  • Sorting Gear
    10+1 Gear
  • Voltage Accuracy
  • Internal Resistance Accuracy
  • Power Specifications
  • Place of Origin
    Guangdong, China
  • Brand Name
    CHEEBO Technology
  • Certification
    CE certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Marine moisture-proof wooden case
  • Delivery Time
    5-8 work days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability
    15 Set/Sets per Week

18650 Cell Voltage Internal Resistance Test Battery Cell Sorting Machine

18650 Cell Voltage Internal Resistance Test Battery Cell Sorting Machine

Equipment introduction

1) Adopting a fully touch screen integrated industrial grade computer control, the operation is simple, and the test sorting data is clear and traceable.

2) Suitable for sorting cylindrical cells of various specifications, with a cell diameter of 18-32 and a cell length of 65-70, it can be sorted within this range.

3) Adopting PLC+upper computer control mode. Mitsubishi PLC operation control for more precise control. The upper computer can display and record sorting data in real time.

4) Adopting Panasonic servo motor drive method, it has high stability.

5) Adopting the design concept of non polarity, the positive and negative poles of the battery cell do not need to be distinguished, and the direction of the positive and negative poles can be accurately measured.

6) The display interface is easy to operate and has a one click generation function. Simply start the voltage resistance and input the corresponding interval to complete the setting of sorting gear parameters. Sorting parameters can also be set freely.

7) The manual parameter modification function allows for fine-tuning for each gear, or can be adjusted using the one click modification function.

8) Equipped with output statistics function, uninterrupted real-time monitoring of sorting quantity, clear and clear production capacity status, and one click capacity reset function.

9) It can store multiple sets of sorting parameter templates, which can be called up and used when needed without the need to reset parameters.

10) It has the function of generating measurement parameter templates with one click, which is simple and convenient.

11) Equipped with fault anomaly prompt function, sound and light alarm, it can quickly diagnose faults.

12) Having a pause function allows for temporary shutdown, and restarting can continue the previous state of operation.

13) Equipped with one click area setting function.

14) Can be paired with multiple different brands of testing instruments.

15) The equipment adopts stainless steel and baking paint treatment on the sheet metal, electrostatic powder spraying process, scratch resistance, rust prevention, and anti-static,

16) Aluminum alloy frame, imported acrylic protective plate, beautiful and elegant appearance with strong sense of technology.


Technical specification


Production efficiency 50-70PPM Air source specification 1/CFM
Applicable battery specifications Diameter: 18-32; Length: 65-70 Transmission mode belt transmission
Sort the gears 10+1 Product loss rate 0
SBM Series HIOKI 3561/HOPE 350 Frame material Aluminium alloy
Voltage accuracy 0.1% (according to the internal resistance meter) Machine Dimensions 1390*820*1360MM
Internal resistance accuracy 0.5%(depending on internal resistance meter) Machine Weight 220KG
Power source specification Single-phase 220V50/60HZ Application scenarios Cylindrical battery sorting


Equipment analysis diagram

18650 Cell Voltage Internal Resistance Test Battery Cell Sorting Machine 0

1. Battery charging hopper 2. Battery type wave wheel replacement area
3. 4 Probe head design 4. Integrated industrial computer touch screen
5. Flexible belt transmission 6. 10+1 channel
7. Panasonic servo motor  


Function Introduction


 1. Inspection and testing organization 

4 Probe design, positive and negative electrode detection at the same time, with brand internal resistance meter, more accurate test data.
According to the test parameters, the upper computer analyzes the data and sorts the cells to the designated channel.


18650 Cell Voltage Internal Resistance Test Battery Cell Sorting Machine 1


 2. Italic design 

The 10 channels all adopt italic design, which is simple and convenient for receiving materials, saving time and labor, and effectively improving production efficiency.

18650 Cell Voltage Internal Resistance Test Battery Cell Sorting Machine 2


 3. Operating interface 

Integrated industrial computer with 19-inch touch screen and i3 processor for faster data processing. Setting the gear parameters is simple and quick. 19 "large screen real-time display of sorting data, output, each cell test parameters accurately recorded, sorting data can be exported.

18650 Cell Voltage Internal Resistance Test Battery Cell Sorting Machine 3


Service process


1. Customers send inquiries and inquiries
2. Recommend products according to customer needs
3. Video communication to confirm final requirements
4. Both parties shall deliver the confirmation of technical specifications
5. Both parties sign the contract
6. Place orders and arrange production in the workshop
7. Arrange delivery


After sale:
1. Confirm whether customers need on-site service or video communication guidance for debugging equipment.
2. If there is any problem with the equipment, video communication will be adopted to solve the problem first. Door-to-door service can be provided if there is no solution.




Q: I don't know which one is right for me?
A: Please tell us the following information
1) Battery type?
2) Which battery models do you want to be compatible with?
3) How many gears do you need?


Q: How do I install and run the machine?

A: Our technicians had installed the machine before shipment. For the installation of some widgets, we will send out detailed training videos and user manuals randomly. 95% of customers can teach themselves.


Q: What's your minimum order quantity?

A: We don't have a minimum order quantity. Whether it is an order of 1 or 100, we will wholeheartedly support you.


Q: How does your factory do in terms of quality control?

A: Quality comes first. More than 20 tests will be performed on each unit. After all the tests are passed, our QC will test the welding performance.


Q: How can I do if the machine goes wrong?

A: If you encounter such problems, please contact us as soon as possible. Do not try to repair the machine by yourself or others. We will respond as soon as possible within 24 hours to solve your problem.


Looking forward to your consultation, we will provide you with the best quality service throughout the process!!!