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Lithium Battery Production Line Automatic Cylinder Cell Pack Assembly Line Type

Lithium Battery Production Line Automatic Cylinder Cell Pack Assembly Line Type

  • High Light

    Automatic Lithium Battery Production Line


    Customized Lithium Battery Production Line


    Customized Battery Assembly Line

  • Control Mode
    HD Touch Screen
  • Role
    Battery Pack Assembly
  • Length
  • Power Supply
  • Operation Method
  • Product Name
    Cylindrical Lithium Battery Pack Production Line
  • Place of Origin
    Guangdong, China
  • Brand Name
    CHEEBO Technology
  • Certification
    CE certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Marine moisture-proof wooden case
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability
    10 Set/Sets per Week

Lithium Battery Production Line Automatic Cylinder Cell Pack Assembly Line Type

Lithium Battery Production Line Automatic Cylinder Cell Pack Assembly Line Type

Function introduction


● Clamp Rotation System: Automatically senses that the clamp reaches its position, and the rotating mechanism clamps the clamp and rotates to make the clamp return to the next program.

● Lithium battery pack production line is suitable for the production of battery pack components for household appliances/electric bicycles/power tools/garden tools/energy storage power supplies, etc.

● Modular design: each device can be connected automatically or used alone, and can also be freely combined according to needs.

● Lithium battery production line is a multi-axis motion control system developed by modern automation experts. The automation mechanism with precision drive and motor control is used to realize real-time and effective control of automated production equipment.

● The lithium battery assembly line is suitable for the assembly line of 18650, 21700, 26650, 32700 and other cylindrical batteries.

● The built-in fixture returns to the track, after the assembly is completed, manually remove the fixture and put it on the return track.

● The jig automatically returns to the previous station, manually assembled and placed on the welding track.


Production line equipment


● Automatic battery feeding mechanism:The robotic arm automatically grabs the battery and places it on the designated track. The diameter is 18-21 inches and the length is 65-70 inches.

● Electric cell barley paper making machine:Using PLC controlled stepper motor and cylinder to paste barley paper on the finished electric cell positive pole. Using the cylinder to drive the cutter, it stamps and pastes 4 electric cores at a time. Each part is made of high speed steel with high wear resistance.

● Battery Sorter: Features scanning and storage of battery data. 7 levels for sorting. Automatic sorting equipment for voltage and internal resistance testing of cylindrical batteries of various sizes. Diameter 18-21, length 65-70.

● CCD vision inspection equipment: multifunctional vision inspection system based on CCD industrial camera and machine vision technology.

● Battery Automatic Spot Welder: Suitable for single-sided automatic spot welding of cylindrical batteries of various specifications.

● Fixture Rotation System: Automatically sensing the fixture to reach its position, the rotation mechanism clamps the fixture to rotate it and return it to the next programme.


Technical specification
Work method Stepper motor + pneumatic Machine Dimensions 1275*860*1524MM
structural material aluminium alloy Machine Weight 150KG
Power source specification Single-phase 220V50/60HZ Application scenarios Cylindrical cell sticker
Production efficiency 60-70PPM Air source specification 1/CFM
Applicable battery specifications 18650/21700/21650 Pass rate ≥95%
Sticker efficiency ≥60PPM Transmission mode Mechanical hand
Compatible material Highland barley paper, fast bus paper, glutinous rice paper, RET protective stickers, etc Maximum impact speed 99.99%


Production line planning diagram

Lithium Battery Production Line Automatic Cylinder Cell Pack Assembly Line Type 0

Application case


1. Energy storage battery pack         2. Electric bicycle battery pack        3. Power tool battery pack


Lithium Battery Production Line Automatic Cylinder Cell Pack Assembly Line Type 1     Lithium Battery Production Line Automatic Cylinder Cell Pack Assembly Line Type 2       Lithium Battery Production Line Automatic Cylinder Cell Pack Assembly Line Type 3


Process Introduction


1. Battery automatic feeding

2. Positive electrode paste insulated paper machine

3. Cell voltage internal resistance sorting

4. Cell mounting bracket fixture platform

5. CCD detection of positive and negative battery pack

6. Fixture cover top plate platform

7. Spot welding on side A

8. Fixture turning mechanism

9. Side B welding

10. Back-end installation production line


Process Introduction


The battery is loaded into the hopper of the paper paste machine →→ Automatically paste the positive electrode


pad sticker →→ the battery automatically enters the separator →→ the separator sweeps the test data for archiving →→


The battery is sent into the corresponding receiving tank → The workers take out the loading fixture in groups →


push the CCD automatic polarity detection screen → the unqualified manual correction is automatically sent out →


the workers cover the upper plate of the fixture →→ push the spot welder Automatic spot welding on side A→→


The machine automatically turns over to side B for welding completion →→ Take out the welded battery pack fixture


and return it to the frontto enter the next escape ring →→ Install the BMS board after the battery pack welding


inspection →→Machine or manual welding of the BMS board → Workers line and install auxiliary materials →→


Test the battery pack parameters fail to pass the inspection. →→ Send aging inspection to aging workshop →→


Packaging workshop packing


Service process



1. Customers send inquiries and inquiries
2. Recommend products according to customer needs
3. Video communication to confirm final requirements
4. Both parties shall deliver the confirmation of technical specifications
5. Both parties sign the contract
6. Place orders and arrange production in the workshop
7. Arrange delivery

After sale:

1. Confirm whether customers need on-site service or video communication guidance for debugging equipment.
2. If there is any problem with the equipment, video communication will be adopted to solve the problem first. Door-to-door service can be provided if there is no solution.


Looking forward to your consultation, we will provide you with the best quality service throughout the process!!!