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Resistance Type Portable Battery Spot Welder

Resistance Type Portable Battery Spot Welder

  • High Light

    Resistance Type Portable Battery Spot Welder


    AC Portable Battery Spot Welder


    Resistance Type Lithium Ion Battery Welder

  • Welding Mode
  • Output Current
  • Welding Thickness
    ±2MM (depending On The Material)
  • Welding Speed
  • Warranty Period
    1 Year
  • Product Name
    Resistance Welding Butt Welder
  • Place of Origin
    Guangdong, China
  • Brand Name
    CHEEBO Technology
  • Certification
    CE certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Marine moisture-proof wooden case
  • Delivery Time
    5-8 work days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability
    50 Set/Sets per Week

Resistance Type Portable Battery Spot Welder

Portable Spot Welding Machine Copper Plate/Aluminum Plate Metal Sheet Resistance Welding

Equipment introduction


Suitable for welding hardware parts, electronic and electrical parts, wire terminals, stainless steel parts, metal jewelry, copper products, aluminum products, etc.

● Through single-chip control, single-pulse, multi-pulse and double-pulse welding can be realized.

● Proprietary output energy optimization algorithm is adopted, the output voltage and output current conversion is reasonable, the welding ability is strong, the welding joint is firm, there is no welding error, low ignition, and the surface quality is excellent.
● The self-developed pneumatic precision welding head ensures precise adjustment and control of pressure.

● Independent welding needle, spring buffer design, accurate adjustment of welding pressure.

● The welding head platform can be adjusted up and down, and can weld various batteries.

● All parameters are set by numbers, and the parameter adjustment is stable, intuitive and accurate.

● Vertical spot welding is adopted, and the pressure depth of welding head can be adjusted.

● Digital LED display, the adjustment of equipment parameters is more intuitive, easy to learn and operate.

● Microcomputer technology control, grid voltage control, automatic tracking compensation.

● The portable spot welding machine adopts an integrated design, which saves space and is easy to carry.

● The welding machine can store multiple programs, which can be changed and called freely.

● Compact structure, small size, high power, large industrial circuit design, safe and reliable welding process.


Debugging project
  1.  Welding pressure: 1-10 kg
  2.  Welding energy adjustment: "+" to increase energy, "-" to reduce energy, "#" to switch parameters
  3.  Air pressure regulation
  4.  Adjustment of needle extension length
  5.  Adjust the lower position of the welding head
  6.  Adjust the spacing between the left and right pins
Scope of application


1. Wire terminal                   2. Metal sheet welding       3. Hardware welding          4. Metal jewelry welding


 Resistance Type Portable Battery Spot Welder 0                    Resistance Type Portable Battery Spot Welder 1                    Resistance Type Portable Battery Spot Welder 2                  Resistance Type Portable Battery Spot Welder 3


Technical specification


Welding thickness 0.04-0.2MM Welding power supply Multiple-pulse
Welding material Metallic Welding needle Optional as required
Supply current 3600A Welding speed 200P/M
Spot welding method Dutt welding Welding pressure 5KG/F
Equipment power 3KW/7KW/12KW Equipment size 560MM*170MM*330MM
Driving mode Pneumatic Machine Weight 20KG
Power source specification Single-phase 220V50/60HZ Application scenarios Battery welding


Function Introduction


 1. Pressure regulation 

The pressure of welding head can be adjusted in the range of 1 ~ 1- 10kg, so as to ensure good welding effect with different thicknesses and materials.


Resistance Type Portable Battery Spot Welder 4


 2. Pneumatic precision welding head 

Horizontal welding structure, double-line guide rail design, left and right pressure can be adjusted independently. Built-in pressure sensor, precise control to apply stable pressure.


Resistance Type Portable Battery Spot Welder 5


 3.  High quality cable 
Pure copper cable, with low conductor resistance, large current-carrying capacity and thick enough, does not generate heat when welding.


Resistance Type Portable Battery Spot Welder 6


  1.  Polish the welding needle regularly.
  2.  Regularly check whether there is loosening in each part.
  3.  Do not disassemble circuit components without permission.
  4.  Periodically clean welding dust from all parts of the device.
  5.  Check the lubrication degree of each moving part every month
  6.  Please read the instructions carefully before operation and operate according to the specifications of the instructions.